Girls’ Gadgets of the 1920’s and 30’s


Lately some companies have been pushing out Digital Cameras geared towards women such as the recent Harajuku Lovers Digital Camera from HP. At first I thought that it was about time that companies had started taking notice of the females in the gadget universe. Little did I know that as far back as 1928 there was a company producing cameras geared towards a female audience. From 1928 to 1933, Kodak manufactured several colored and deco-styled cameras that were designed to attract women. Among the camera kits designed was the Vanity Kodak Ensemble outfit, which included a color-coordinated camera, lipstick holder, compact, mirror and change purse in a fitted case. Similar models included the more common  Ensemble, and the very rare Coquette. There was also the Series III Vest Pocket Vanity Kodak, a metal and embossed leather camera came in Bluebird (deep blue), Cockatoo (green), Sea Gull (gray), Redbreast (red), and Jenny Wren (brown). There was even a Girl Scout camera, and Camp Fire Girls’ Kodak camera that were each manufactured with scout logos imprinted on the body and cases. For more information on these fashionable cameras of yester year check out http://www.digitalfxinc.com/kodak.

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