BuiltNY Laptop Portfolio, Sleeve and Electronics Pocket Review

bultnybags1.jpgDo you consider yourself fashionable but hip? If so, check out BuiltNY’s line of bags for laptops and other electronics. We got our hands on some of their bags including their Laptop Portfolio, Laptop Sleeve and their Electric Pockets. BuiltNY’s signature style includes a unique bone shape that shows up in both their sleeve and case. Aside from giving a funky unique flair to the bag, it also serves the purpose of creating a bumper system for extra protection at the corners. The Laptop portfolio is also very lightweight, yet the Storing-Rib material that it is made of feels strong and durable. The bag also has a separate exterior pocket for carrying a charger, mouse or other accessory. Which for me is necessary because I’m always worried about my Macbook Pro getting scratched up by some stray item.
greenbag2.jpg greenbag1.jpgAside from the built-in handle, a detachable padded shoulder strap is also included so that you have the choice of wearing the bag instead of carrying it. The handles themselves are soft and comfortable to hold. Inside the case is a 5mm neoprene core to keep your laptop safe and a zipper that keeps it from falling out or having any exterior elements fall in to the bag. The Laptop Porfolio is designed to fit 15″ laptops. and is available in black, brown, leaf green, or a stripe pattern and it retails for $69.99.

brownsleeve2.jpgbrownsleeve1.jpgBuiltNY also has a similarly funky sleeve for protecting your laptop. We recommend that everyone laptop owner Get a sleeve. They’re the best way to keep your laptop safe when you’re carrying it around in your bag. Or even if you don’t carry around your laptop a lot, and you just tend to leave it lying around on a desk, we recommend leaving it in a sleeve when not in use so that it stays protected from the elements – spills, drops and the like. Like the laptop portfolio, their Sleeve has the signature bone shape that works as a bumper system. The case it self is made out of an extra thick 5MM wetsuit grade neoprene and it has shark gill grips so that you can have a good grip on the case without needing a handle. The case is available in 3 sizes – for 12″, and 17″ notebooks as well as one for 13″ through 15″ notebooks. We had the latter case, and fitting in a Macbook Pro proved to be a bit snug, however the material of the case was stretchable enough to fit in the Macbook Pro and it ended up being a tight but secure fit. The sleeve is available in several colors including leaf green, navy blue/khaki, black/khaki, stripe, and our favorite – dot No. 7 which is seen in the above pictures.

cellcasebuiltny2.jpgAside from their laptop accessories, BuiltNY also has electric pockets for small, medium and large sized gadgets such as cell phones, ipods, and PDAs. The electric pockets are made out of wetsuit neoprene material as well, and are lined with fleece to keep your gadget safe and sound. The electric pockets are designed to tie on to a belt or bag. However, we think it would be a fashion faux-paus to actually wear it on a belt. But it’s still a good way to keep your gadget safe inside of your bag. The electric pockets retail for $4.99 through $17.99 and are available in stripe, blue or black.

Overall, BuiltNY’s accessory cases are an excellent blend of fashion and practicality – and they would be perfect for the hipster techie – wait, that’s us!


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