Ugly Teeth? Dress Them up with Snap-on Smile


bottom_c_02_03a1.jpgEveryone hates going to the dentist, but no one likes having ugly teeth either. The Snap-On Smile snaps on to your teeth and presto, you get a set of pearly white like you never imagined – without the need for any adhesives, drilling or shots. And it’s removable on your own. You will unfortunately have to go to the dentist for a consultation so that he can take an upper and lower impression of your teeth, and so that you can choose a preferred shape and shade – but after that it’s all over. As expected, pricing isn’t cheap – a Snap-On SmileT costs $900 to $1,600 per arch.
The whole concept reminds us of those fake vampire snap-on teeth you find at costume stores, but it’s sort of like the reverse. Instead of taking off the vampire teeth and revealing your pretty teeth, you’ll be removing your pretty Snap-On Smile teeth , only to reveal your vampire teeth.