Griffin’s TuneBuds Review


tunebud2.jpgAdmittedly, I am not a huge fan of ear bud earphones, partly because the few that I’ve tried don’t do a good job at producing an adequate mix of bass, and the highs as well as lows in music. Then there is the matter of jamming tiny rubbery plugs into your ears, which ultimately take it’s toll on the ears by tiring them out. Thus, turning any music listening experience into a painful inner-ear aching catastrophe. However, after trying Griffin’s Tune Buds ($29.99), I have changed my tune (at least with these earphones). Also, the Tune Buds are made to fit most mp3 players.

These light weight noise isolation wonders, provided the right mix of bass, while handling the treble and other nuances in the music with welcomed aplomb. It was truly like having a concert in my ears! My ears did not tire out (if anything, I found it difficult to stop listening to music using these ear phones). Additionally, the noise cancellation feature of these Tune Buds were excellent; I encountered nary a sound of outside noise while at the mall or while on public transportation. Hence, this experience left me feeling pretty exuberant because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to music and the fact that these earphones did not allow others to hear what I was listening too gave me the utmost privacy!

tunebud1.jpgConstructed of light plastic and weighing less than 0.4 ounces, the Tune Buds come with two additional sets of washable sized-to-fit silicone ear inserts. And the Neodymium dynamic micro-drivers give the music it’s oomph. A zippered carrying case is also provided. The Tune Buds is available in Pop-Icon White and Mysterious-Government-Helicopter Black.

tunebud3.jpgAll in all, these are the most affordable and quality produced earphones/ear buds, that I’ve ever had the privilege of reviewing! One would be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with Griffin’s Tune Buds; however, if one had to go there for argument sake, then it would have to be that Griffin should consider introducing a collection of funky stylish colors!


The Good:
Great Sound and noise cancellation, affordable

The Bad:

A Product Update on Griffin TuneBuds (November 15, 2007):
A while back we reviewed the Griffin TuneBuds and gave them glowing praise for their over-all sound quality and durability, and suggested that they offer more colors. Well, guess what, Griffin listened, and now there are several colors to choose from including red, silver, pink, blue, light green and light blue. Check out the Dark Blue ear bud holder that gives way to a cool powder blue cord which ends with a reinforced white coil. Pretty nifty, eh? These new TuneBuds are now available for $19.99. It’s pretty comforting when a company actually listens! Great job Griffin!