Virgin America Keeps You Connected, Really Connected, While Flying

redinflight.JPGFlying is becoming an increasingly unenjoyable way to travel. If I had a penny for every flight I’ve been on in the past year that ran out of pillows and blankets, well then I’d have a lot of pennies. Then there is that pesky battery power issue. You’re very fortunate if you get situated near a power outlet, and even then you need the right adapter to take advantage of it. The good folks at Virgin America, a brand spankin’ new domestic airline, has set out to equip their airplanes the way all modern day airplanes should be equipped but aren’t. Their seats have regular outlets as well as a USB jack to keep all your toys powered. They also offer ethernet internet access, which is probaly a lot more stable than Wi-fi on a plane. We’ve tried Wi-fi on other airlines, and the connection continuously cut out. And to top it all off, you don’t even have to bring your own entertainment with you. Their seats have a 9 inch integrated touch screen with Satellite TV, over 25 pay-per-view movies, over 3,000 MP3s, 20 streaming radio channels, and a QWERTY keyboard for chatting with fellow passengers. Needless to say, we’re ready to book our next flight with Virgin.

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