And Now for our Feature Presentation – Your Baby

5starbaby.jpgWeddings, Engagement parties, Birthdays, Just Divorced etc… There seems to always to be an excuse to visit Kate’s Paperie to send an announcement. Well 5Starbaby.com has a more unique way of making that baby announcement, that I’m sure the likes of Halle Berry and Nicole Ritchie would approve of. 5Starbaby creates movie poster size announcements stylized like the blockbuster they are representing – your baby. You can customize all sorts of different movie poster themes with big catchy titles for example Star Wars, Little Ms. Sunshine, and Alexander the Great. You can also add personalized details such as who produced (parents) the little feature, were it’s playing, and when the “baby” premiered. The creators of the baby posters originally came up with the idea based upon the birth of their own son and now have been successful in spreading their creativity world wide. Posters range in different prices based upon size, how many you want, and an additional flat fee of $75 regardless for the design. This is a very ingenious way of announcing your babies arrival. Especially for all you movie buffs out there. But don’t be surprised one day when your kid grows up and says I was born to be an actor.