Kensington Notebook Stand with USB 2.0 Review

I enjoy the convenience of using a laptop computer; from composing this story from the confines of my sofa or surfing the web, a laptop computer gives you the choice of complete portability. However, there are times that I wish my laptop PC had the functionality of a full sized workstation PC. I found Kensington’s Notebook Stand with USB 2.0 ($79.99) to be the perfect combination in ease of use as well as total comfort. Cleverly designed with a hint of industrial flair with its black matte finish, this notebook stand is a looker and is surprisingly very sturdy. Weighing in at 2 pounds, I found this stand to be a trusted companion in securing my laptop. Other features of this stand are: a nifty copy holder as well as an adjustable eye-height mechanism.

kensusb1.jpgThe stand itself does not require any assembly; however, there is a four port snap on USB port that easily slides into place on the back of the stand and an ac power connector is also located on the back of the USB hub and it provides power to the unit. Lastly, a separate USB cable runs from the back of the USB port directly into the computer, which gives the computer stand its connectivity. The height of the stand is controlled by pushing in and turning a knob that is located on the back of the computer stand. The set-up instructions were simple and easy to follow.

Kensington’s notebook stand can accommodate a USB keyboard and mouse with room to spare for two extra peripherals. My 17 inch laptop snuggly fit the innards of the stand, and although I found the screen adjustment positioning mechanism to be a bit stiff, it served its purpose. Additionally, the operating system (Vista) discovered the Kensington stand as well as the items plugged into it (my keyboard, mouse and webcam) without encountering nary of a problem. Upon successful connection the USB hub emits a steady green light (which is a nice touch).

kensusb5.jpgkensusb6.jpgkensusb4.jpgkensusb2.jpgWhether you want to move beyond the portable environment that laptop computers offer to that of a structured home office setting, the Kensington Notebook stand is for you! It’s a good and inexpensive investment that can be used as a temporary or permanent desktop computer replacement. And the great part is that you can still move your laptop around intact and it will be less the hassle because you don’t have to contend with a mess of wires (unlike dealing with moving a conventional workstation computer).

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Kensington Notebook stand with USB 2.0 and I think it’s a keeper because you don’t have to invest in a monitor or a port replicator. Hence, the total cost of ownership will indeed immediately pay for itself.


The Good:
Plenty of USB ports (4), can be used as a desktop replacement or as a temporary solution, Windows and Apple OS compatible, can move around very easily without the hassles and wires that a conventional stationary computer offers and is affordably priced.

The Bad:
The vertical adjustment could be easier to operate.

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