Who knows the Future? Why FutureMe of course

gca0289l.jpgI’m always pondering the future and what my hopes are for them. I hope to be financially secure – I’ll have that penthouse in Miami I always wanted. You know simple things. Well FutureMe.org was a site created by “two fellas” aka Matt Sly and Jay Patrikios for people to write themselves an e-mail that would be delivered to you sometime in the future. So what happens if your e-mail address is dead in a couple of yrs? It’s suggested that you use one that you hope will be around for the long term or you can log back in and write yourself more letters and update your e-mail address. I think that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole idea but whatever…The catch however is that you can write letters that can either be anonymous or public. Public letters are published in the public letters section. So you can read others’ letters whom have wishful dreams of their future – bodies and subjects of e-mails are published not e-mail address. You can even send FutureMe e-mail’s to friends. The service is totally free you just have to sign up and if you can’t get enough of this FutureMe e-mails.  A book was published not that long ago for you to enjoy even more public letters. So if you wanna tell your best bud you will be a big star in 2020 and they will still be sleeping on mama’s couch go right ahead. Just be careful that vice versa doesn’t happen. I foresee a lot of jinxes in people’s FutureMe e-mail’s….

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