Hands on with Samsung’s P2 Portable Media Payer


dscn3262.jpgThis afternoon Samsung held a press conference in honor of the new Samsung P2 portable media player. Available in several colors including white, black and maroon, the new P2 sports a touch sensitive interface which is definately on the way to becoming a new standard. At the conference, Samsung acknowledged the fact that they might not be No. 1 in the Mp3 player market but they believe that there is still plenty of room for innovation. The P2 is undoubtedly going to be compared to the iPod Touch, and while they are pretty similar devices, the P2 surprisingly has a lot to offer that the Touch doesn’t. For starters, aside from Video and Music playback features the P2 also features an FM tuner and recorder and support for WMA and WMA music subscription services like Rhapody and Napster.

dscn3249.jpgBluetooth 2.0 is another unique feature in the P2. That means that you can listen to your music wirelessly in stereo. We briefly tried out Samsung’s upcoming bluetooth headset and when connected to the sound was powerful and clear when connected to the P2. But the Bluetooth features don’t end there. An upcoming firmware update coming in December will allow you to connect the P2 to your cell phone, so when a phone call comes in your music will be automatically interrupted. There will also be an eventual update that will allow you to transfer files on and off the device wirelessly via bluetooth. Other cool features of the P2 include the ability to customize the interface, Samsung said that a future update will also enhance the customization features.

The video on the P2 takes advantage of the 3″ widescreen fully at 30fps and looked very sharp in person. Cinema Now’s service is compatible with the device, which is great for picking and choosing your own video content from a library of choices without a headache. Samsung also showed off a slew of upcoming accessories that will be available for the P2. DLo, Belkin and iLuv are just three of the companies that already have plans to have P2 specific accessories, as well as accessories and cases for Samsung’s other current gen MP3 players. A few other features included with the P2 is a full screen alarm clock with a snooze button, the ability to read text files and another future firmware update will bring games to the P2 which take advantage of its interactive touch interface.dscn3244.jpgdscn3246.jpg

Samsung says they also put a lot of effort in to making sure the P2 provides an enhanced listening experience, so much so that even if you plug it into external speakers, the quality should still be good. They also said that support for AAC files is on the way with a future update. Overall, the P2 is looking like serious contender in the digital audio player market. We’ll have a full review of the device shortly.dscn3257.jpgdscn3266.jpgdscn3267.jpgdscn3268.jpgdscn3265.jpg