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Motorola MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review


s9.jpgThe Sprint Ambassador Program recently sent out a Motorola RORK S9 bluetooth headset to use with the Samsung Upstage music phone. The first pair they sent out was defective, one headphone did not produce any sound. But Sprint sent out a replacement pair right away. The MOTOROKR S9 is a bluetooth headset that supports stereo music, so it is a natural compliment to Sprint’s Upstage music phone which supports A2DP. Pairing the S9 with the Upstage was a cinch and the Upstage picked up the S9 right away. The sound quality is very good, actually the best bluetooth earphones listening experience I’ve ever had yet using ADP. As long as I am with in a few feet of my phone the quality stays consistent. If I travel several feet away I start experiencing cut outs. Unfortunately, while the sound quality does seem good for a bluetooth listening experience, I am sure that audiophiles will not be content with the sound quality. But I don’t think A2DP in general is at the stage where it can satisfy a true audiophile.
The MOTOROKR S9 also has convenient touch sensitive play/pause and skip forward and back button above the right ear as well as an answer and end button, and touch sensitive volume controls above the left ear. Having those keys located on the headset is a great commodity since the whole point of being wireless is that you shouldn’t have to grab your cell phone each time you want to change tracks or change the volume. Using the S9 for conversation was ok but sometimes people on the other end of the conversation had problems hearing me. Overall, it really is very enjoyable being able to switch back and forth between phone calls and listening to music. Another plus for the S9 is that it powers via a mini-USB port, though an AC adapter is included as well.
While, the S9 provides a good listening experience, I’m personally not crazy about its behind the head design which I’ve never liked. Also physically it isn’t very comfortable to wear. To its credit, it is very light -it weighs just 1.1 ounces. However the longer I wear it, it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to wear and overall it is a snug fit, but that is probably due to the fact that I have a large-sized head (it holds my large sized brain). I also prefer earbuds to in-ear phones, but that is a personal preference.
Overall, I liked the S9 a lot and it definitely seems like one of the better bluetooth stereo headsets out there. However, its design is definately not for everyone so if you don’t like in-ear headphones, or you have a large head like I do, that is something to consider right off the bat. The Motoroka MOTOROKR S9 S9 retails for just $66.88 at Amazon, which is a good price for this device. If the MOTOROKR S9 would cost over a $100, I’d say to pass on it, but at under $70 the MOTOROKR S9 is a good deal.


The Good:
Good Sound Quality, Easy Set-up

The Bad:
Uncomfortable fit, call quality is inconsistant