Vestalife Ladybug for the iPod / iPhone Makes You Feel At One with Nature.


vspeaker1.jpgHere we go again – another iPod speaker, but the great thing here is that it will support the iPhone as well. The Ladybug by Vestalife is a new, award-winning 2.1 speaker dock. Designed with the Hannah Montana’s and Paris Hilton wannabes in mind. What makes this unique compared to other boring speaker docks is its wings of course. Part art piece part really cool, when the wings are folded it is a very appealing ornament on your dresser but when you flip out the wings it becomes a functional iPod based speaker with built in sub-woofer and lots of bass to make those wings fly. Compatible with any Ipod with dock connector it will also charge your ipod as well. The Ladybug can be AC powered by an adapter which is included or for easy travel 4 AA batteries(Not included) and a travel pouch are also included. The speaker system also has a USB connector so you can sync it with your computer while the Ipod is docked. Overall, it’s nice to finally see interesting speakers coming out for the iPhone. Why should its cousins get all the attention! Vestalife will be launching the Ladybug at CES in 2008 and pricing will follow soon after.