400 Disc DVD Changer Houses Your Whole Movie Library


dvd500changer1.jpgDVD changers aren’t a new technology at all, but I was quite taken a back when I spotted a 400 disc DVD changer. I’m inherently lazy and as a result much of my DVD collection sits around collecting dust just because I’m often to lazy to get up and switch DVDs out of their cases and in to the DVD player. If I had one of these behemoths, I could have access to my whole library of DVDs in an instant. This is truly a lazy persons dream. Hard drived based entertainment players are great and all, but they are limited in what you can get on them. Chances are that most of what you want to watch are on DVDs and who wants to deal with having to convert them to a file and then transfer them over? If you ask me, the 400 Disc dvd changer is one of the greatest unsung heroes of the home entertainment center. And at $399.95 it isn’t outrageously priced either. However, the only aspect about the device that scares me is that it seems like there might be a possibility that if the device goes bad, your whole movie collection can get ruined, and that loss would be a lot bigger than $399. But with the way this whole writer’s strike is affecting television, it looks like this product will help you get through the harsh game show and reality TV line-up of the upcoming months.