Flamingo HappyEar Bluetooth Fashion Headset Review

happyear Flamingo HappyEar Bluetooth Fashion Headset ReviewThere is no doubt that Bluetooth technology makes our lives a bit easier. Life is busy enough, who wants to live life held down by wires and cords? But picking a wireless Bluetooth headset can be daunting given the vast array of choices. Most also have that annoying hook that you have to put over your ear, which can be particularly cumbersome to those who wear glasses, sunglasses and/or earrings. Flamingo HappyEar by Cellpoint with its sleek Scandinavian design has a patented EarClick technology that goes directly into your ear like regular earphones. It’s ergonomic so it’s super comfortable, so much so that I almost forget that I was wearing it. This would make a perfect holiday gift for those with a Bluetooth device, which is pretty much just about anyone. Retails for $80.

I placed the headset in the charger. You’ll know that it’s charging when the indicator lights up red. The headset also makes a clicking sound since the magnet in the charger snaps it into place. It takes 4 hours to have it fully charged [ asindicated by a green light]. In the meantime, I was customizing the fit. It comes with 6 different EarClick earpads. I have very small ears so I naturally went for the smallest size. No dice. One of the middle sizes actually had the best fit. To remove and put on just requires you to push/pull it from the pins. Once it was charged, I paired it with my phone. Just press the control button until the light flashes alternately red and blue. Once the device is found, enter the pass keycode and that’s it. Easy peasy! Flamingo HappyEar Bluetooth Fashion Headset ReviewFunctionality:
Turning the headset on and off requires just a simple push of the control button until you hear two tones. Placing a call requires no work as it is already paired with the phone. Answering calls is just a simple press of the control button. Volume is controlled by volume up and volume down buttons on the sides. You can also mute calls, transfer calls, redial, etc. The quality is fantastic. Usually if I use a headset or speaker-phone the quality is drastically reduced and/or there is static interference. With the HappyEar, no one knew I was even using a headset.

 Flamingo HappyEar Bluetooth Fashion Headset Review The Flamingo headset weighs just 11g (0.39oz) and it comes with a desktop charger, an AC power supply cord, EarClick earpads [1 attached, 5 additional ], a neck strap, and user manual. It claims to have a talktime of up to 9 hours. Standby time for 180+ hours and it can operate at tange of 33 feet.

Overall, I really like the inconspicuous and sleek design of the HappyEar. I of course also appreciate the fact that you can choose from several colors including red, hot pink, light pink white, blue, black, and silver. The call quality and overall experience using the HappyEar has been a great one. The HappyEar retails for $80, which is a bit more than the average bluetooth headset nowadays, but you are getting a good value. I would Consider this one a fashion headset.

Pros: Comfortable, looks stylish, and easy to use. Comes in eight different colors.
Cons: Can only be used on your right ear. While I had no issue, others might prefer it on their left ear.