MagicJack USB Device Offers Unlimited Calling for a Year for Just $39.95

magicjack.jpgMagicJack is a complete phone service that comes equipped on a USB key. Plug the MagicJack in to your computer’s USB port, plug a telephone line in to the MagicJack and with in a minute and the MagicJack software will automatically load. You’ll then be able to make and receive calls using any home telephone handset. MagicJack comes with a phone number, magicfree local and long distance, free voicemail (you can receive messages even when you’re offline), caller ID, call waiting, free directory assistance, call forwarding, free three way calling, and emergency 911 dialing – and you get all of that for just $39.95 for the first year and $19.95 for the each year thereafter. Now that is a price that Skype can’t even beat. MagicJack also offers international prepaid packages that start at $5. Laptop magazine reviewed MagicJack and gave it a solid 4 out of 5 star review. They also mentioned that call quality was good, better than cellular but not up to par with landline quality. Overall, MagicJack looks really promising. Unfortunately the down side to Magic Jack, like most software based VOIP providers is that your computer has to be turned on to make phone calls.