MobileTalk Lets You Make Really Cheap International Calls from your Cell Phone

mobiletalk1.jpgOne of the biggest VOIP providers in the U.S., Packet8, is now offering a new service to help save lots of money when making international calls on your cell phone. The service is a lot like Jajah and similar VOIP apps. First you sign up for a MobileTalk account and then you will receive a text message with a link to download the MobileTalk software on your phone. Once the MobileTalk application is installed on your phone, you can dial international call straight from your handset. You can even dial directly from your ordinary contact list. The rates are really good. For example, calling the U.K. is just 0.02$ a minute, while India is 0.059$ and Australia is 0.03$. Needless to say that is a lot less than what your cell phone carrier will charge you if you dial those countries. (eg: AT&T charges $1.49 per minute for calling to the U.K.). Unfortunately there is a one time activation fee of $9.99 and a $9.99 monthly fee, unless you are already a Packet8 subscriber, than the monthly fee is just $4.99. While we love to see the monthly fee disappear, this is actually an incredible deal if you’re someone who makes international calls often. The service is compatible with most popular smartphones including many Windows Mobile, Palm and Series 60 phones. We’re hoping that iPhone support will show up one day too.

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