Spi Inc’s Pink Accessories Galore

spi.jpg Spi Inc. is not a counter intelligence subsidiary as you may guess from the name. Rather, it is a female owned business whose products appear in many major US stores such as Sharper Image, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Neiman Marcus. Rocking their girl power, is a new line of pink ipod accessories.

There are a few, starting with the pink Laptop Lapdesk. Pretty much all of us have experienced the overheating of a laptop while it is on our lap, and it isn’t much fun. The lapdesk props up the laptop to allow it to breathe. It also lends itself to ergonomic practices, such as a padded area for your wrist as you type. After hours on a laptop, the finger pad mouse gets a little annoying. To alleviate this, in the back of the desk, clipped in, is an attachable area for your mouse. It is designed to clip into either side of the desk (kudos for thinking of the lefties!). There is also some slight padding on the bottom that is shaped for resting on your legs. This certainly was designed for those who use laptops for long periods of time.

The pink Arm Band for joggers fits newer ipods snuggly into its protective sleeve. The material is super light and comes with a strap that can be adjusted according to the size of your slender or buff guns. One feature that is a bit worrisome is the lack of a security strap at the top of the sleeve. Since it just slides right in, it would be easy for it to also slide right out when bending down or from the bounce of jogging.

The pink Mini Hi-Fi Speaker is small, light, and runs off batteries, thus avoiding drain on you ipod. It plugs directly into a headphone jack and is able to adjust up and down. Each speaker, as you can see in the pictures, is about the size of a silver dollar. The sound from these little guys is quite impressive.

The Travel Speaker Wallet is a great option for a picnic or day at the beach. It runs on 3 AAA batteries, is light and easy to pack at about 6″ X 4″, and comes in a dayplanner-like pink case. The sound is louder and better then the smaller Mini Hi-Fi Speaker discussed in the paragraph above. There is a mesh pocket to hold earphones for travel and your ipod will also stick magnetically to the interior of the case if you use one of the Spi Inc.’s pink ipod cases with magnetic hooking. There are two pink cover cases included with the Speaker Wallet, one for a Nano and another for a newer iPod. This was the least favorite part of the Speaker Wallet due to how poorly it held the ipod in. The only security holding it in is a weak magnetic backing. The material felt cheap and weak, comparable to cardboard with cloth over it. It also lacks any sort of protective material for the screen.

The Bling Cases are pure sparkly fun. Covered with glistening crystals, this plastic framed case is an inexpensive way to add some bling to your ipod world. The built in strap allows you to hang the ipod across your chest and dance like the famous shadowed dancers in all those Apple commercials. They also come with a detachable clip as an alternative to the neck strap. To match your Bling Cases, don’t forget the Bling Earbuds that flash the same little pink crystals.

Last but certainly not least, is the 2 GB Video MP3 Player that is roughly the size of a 2G ipod mini. This magenta pink player is an inexpensive alternative to ipod minis of course. Granted, there is a noticeable difference in user friendliness due to the navigation techniques of the menu, but this is fairly easy to adjust to. It has the capability to hold MP3s, play videos, record your messages, play back your recordings, store pictures, and hold ebooks. It runs off of Windows Media Player 11 which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft’s website. However, you are out of luck if you are a Mac user because Microsoft has only released version 9. The installation process basically consists of plugging in the USB connector, following prompts to Windows Media Player and once the music you want is all ready, syncing it. The user manual is very simple to follow and has instructions on how to get videos onto the player. It also shows how to convert them into a usable format on your computer before syncing by downloading a zip file from Spi Inc.’s tech support site. The player charges via USB cable to your computer.

Overall, Spi Inc has some original takes on the flourishing ipod accessory world, and certainly a lot to offer for pink lovers. Their website lists even more inventive products such as an ipod sound bubbler, a boom cube, and a soothing eye mask that can play music from your ipod. We’re watching for what they come out with next!


The Good: Lots of different colored accessories with woman in mind that are not just ipod cases.

The Bad: Even though it sells in Neiman Marcus the quality could be a little better.


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  1. I bought the Mp3 player last week from Penny’s. It’s definitly not an ipod but I still have loved it so far.
    It’s good to know some of their other products and where I can get them.
    The laptop desk is cute!

  2. I bought the Mp3 player last week from Penny’s. It’s definitly not an ipod but I still have loved it so far.
    It’s good to know some of their other products and where I can get them.
    The laptop desk is cute!

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