CES 2008: AUDIOVOX Homebase Interactive Refridgerator Message Board

audiovoxboard1.jpgOne of the most innovative and interesting things we came across at CES this year so far is the AUDIOVOX homebase unit. Truly innovative and smart, and a finally a gadget that is not an iPod case or dock to charge one! Instead this will help those moms and dads who are always on the run. Homebase will allow you to stay up to date with other family members and just day to day routine things that may come up that slip your mind. The homebase system is a new twist on the digital frame. They took a 7 inch LCD digital frame that can hold up to 125 high resolution pics and put it inside an erasable white board with a magnetic border that you can put post-it notes on or magnets. You can write on the board with erasable markers and quickly jot notes down or a message. But that’s not all, the homebase also has a built-in microphone to record messages and also an indicator light that denotes a message is waiting to be listened too. There are two versions of the homebase one is the Audio homebase the other is the Audio + Video homebase which will allow you to record not only a audio message but a video one as well. Included in both units is a a Digital calendar and clock to mark important upcoming appointments. The one downer with this item is that while it can be easily mounted on your fridge, which is the most likely place for such an item, it can only be powered by an electrical cord. AUDIOVOX thought of that little hurdle and also supplies a wire management system in clear, white, and black to hopefully make the cord blend in more with your fridge. Pricing was unavailable but we were told it should be released in time for Mothers Day. This is one Mother’s day gift that’s in the bag!!

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