CES 2008: Belkin Unveils Slew of Unique Home & Play Accessories

belkiny.jpg In 2008 Belkin continues to wow us with their simplicity in design as they continuously offer up products that are creative and different then the rest of the pack. The Rockstar is one such device that looks like a starfish but will quickly turn into an Octopus. The Rockstar is an MP3 hub which will allow friends and family to plug in their headphones and listen to up to two MP3 players attached to the hub. Five ports allow for five headphones to be plugged in and one connection is for the MP3 player while another extension cable is included to add another MP3 player. You can mix and fade-in songs by each MP3 player’s controls which can lead to a big mixing session amongst friends. This is a great way for folks to share music without having to share your one ear bud to hear that great song that is playing. Available in March 2008 and will retail for $19.99 this will definitely will be the hit of the school yard.belkin5.jpg

Everyone is being very ecologically minded these days. Even in my hotel where I’m staying for CES they won’t “change” the sheets unless I request it personally because of the environment. I don’t understand why clean sheets would hurt the ecology, but ok… I think they might mean economy. Well Belkin being ahead of the curve as usual has announced the Belkin Conserve Surge Protector. Previously we reviewed The Concealed Surge Protector which hid nicely my disgusting wire mess, well now this surge protector promises to save me money and help the environment from eliminating the waste of electricity on standby power. I’m sure many of our tech savvy readers are well aware that even though that TV is powered off, there is still that little bit of power that flows through its 1’s and 0’s.


The Conserve Surge has 8 outlets and with a remote control for you to use to completely shut off the power source to these gadgets be it TVs, computer monitors or chargers for phones. Truly these are a waste to leave on all the time even after you have “shut them off”. The Belkin Conserve Surge hoping to save you some money on your electric bill as well as help the environment not bad for a gizmo I only hope will prevent power surges to my equipment. The Belkin Conserve Surge will be released in the summer of 2008 and will retail for $49.99 and what perfect timing to release it when it’s the most important season to conserve energy!


No, no, not another laptop case, instead it’s a Laptop Hideaway from Belkin. Instead of plopping on the couch after a long day and throwing your laptop somewhere on the coffee table or who knows where, why not put it nice and neatly away in this sturdy bag. The bag can easily be moved from room to room and hold not only your laptop but it can also be used to hold magazines as well and a charger or mouse. Stylish and neat this lovely addition will certainly not stick out in your home. It is available in Chocolate/Tourmaline and Khaki/Tarragon. Retailing for $49.99 and should be on shelves this month.