CES 2008: Built NY’s New Twist on the Backpack for your Laptop

builtnybackpacknew.jpgI’m not quite sure what to make of this odd contraption, is it a bullet proof vest or a just an ugly fashion statement. Well it’s neither and I have to say as much we continue to enjoy covering laptop cases and sleeves we get bored ourselves, and Built NY certainly has switched it up for us. We had reviewed some items from the Built NY line in the past and really liked them a lot for their design and quality. The newest addition to the line is the Laptop Back Pack. According to Built NY in what will be the 100th anniversary of the back pack they felt the need to up the ante in design and creativity. Well they certainly got our attention.  Made of neoprene in a lightweight breathable air mesh you will be able to transport not only your laptop but some books and other school or work accessories. It will have the ability to hold a 12″- 17″ laptop and contains two smaller compartments for other necesities. Available in the colors Black & Olive and designed to fit either short or tall folks. It will be available in April 2008 and cost $79.99.

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