CES 2008: Griffin Technology Brings More Toys for your iPhone and iPod

griffinchargedockces1.jpgGriffin Technology had loads of new goodies to share and one of many of them that caught our eye was the PowerDock Charging Base. Many of us own more than one ipod, and with so many Apple toys to charge, it can get kinda unruly with wires around the home or office so the PowerDock is there to keep things neat and organized. The PowerDock will charge 4 iPod models at the same time, including an iPhone. There are 8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit your iPod which should certainly handle most generations. After all, the family that plays music together charges together. No pricing is available yet but we’re thinking this will be one hot item once it hits shelves.

itripgirffiniphone.jpgAnother welcome addition to CES is the fact that slowly but surely companies are starting to finally come out with FM transmitter devices so that the iPhone can play via an FM channel on your car stereo. Griffin is leading the charge with the iTrip AutoPilot with SmartScan. It basically can charge your iPod or iPhone through your car’s radio and you can control it via a AutoPilot playback control which works similarly like a remote control by being able to move to the next track or adjusting the volume without the iPhone/iPod being in your hand. The coolest part of the iTrip AutoPilot is the SmartSound Plus technology that does the hardwork of scanning for the best frequencies for your iPhone/iPod without you having too. It also claims to deliver clearer sound without the feedback and static which you frequently find with many of these transmitters. No pricing is available for this yet either but I sure can’t wait for the next time I do a long road trip.

griffin1.jpgLast but not least what Griffin collection would be complete without mentioning an iPhone or ipod case! We have seen it all and I have to say none of the iPhone cases I’ve seen ever made me want to drink a glass of wine but this one certainly did. It’s unique design is made of cork and actually felt like it too! It was just released and is available to purchase in some Apple stores and unfortunately we aren’t quite sure of the pricing. Previous iPhone cases from Griffin have cost about $29.99 so we’re assuming that it will be around the same price range.

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