CES 2008: Jabra’s BT3030 Dog Tag Lets You Wirelessly Listen to Music on your Phone

jabradogtag.jpgJabra had a slew of new sexy bluetooth goodies to unveil tonight at the Digital Experience, but our favorites had to be the BT3030 and the BT8030. The Jabra BT3030 Dog Tag is a true practical blend of technology with fashion. The dog tag can be worn on an included lanyard or using an included clothing clip, so that it can fit both a casual as well as a classic look. The BT3030 also has a built-in mic, so that when a call comes in you can use it to pause the music and connect to the call. Located on the face of the dog tag are the play/pause/stop button, answer/end button, volume up & down buttons, and next and previous track button controls. There is also a earphone connector plug located on the side that can be used with any standard 3.5mm headphones of your choosing. The BT303 will work play music from bluetooth supported Mp3 players as well as cell phones and it has an operating range of up to 33 feet and a 7 hour battery life for music playback.The other new product from Jabra that especially captured our attention is the BT8030. The BT8030 might look like an ordinary pair of headphones but it’s got a few tricks up its sleeves. For starters its wireless and can connect to your mobile phone and music device at the same time. It’s also got an amazing battery life of up to 32 hours for music streaming and it features Zirene Power Bass software for a great audio experience, even without the wires. But the best aspect of the BT8030 has got to be the way it transforms from a pair of headphones to speakers. Using headphones as portable speakers seems like such an obviously great idea, it’s a wonder it took so long for someone to come up with it.jabra1.jpgjabra2.jpg