CES 2008: Kensington’s LiquidAUX for iPhone & iPod Kills the Radio Star

luxbig.jpgFM Transmitters work like this – you can’t live without them, but it’s hard to live with them. However until now using an FM transmitter has been the only way you could play music from your ipod on your car stereo, unless for some reason you still have a cassette in your car in which case you could use a cassette adapter. Either way, both methods tend to produce a not so great audio experience, especially because FM transmitters have to battle the airwaves to get you a clear/empty channel, which is no easy task in most populated areas.
Finally there is another way to play your ipod in the car, and it’s not only more reliable, but it will produce a better listening experience Kensington’s new LiquidAUX products takes advantage of your cars Auxiliary port. The kit connects your iPhone or pod to the Auxiiary port for a superior listening experience. A smart remote control that is designed to fit on your steering wheel is also included so that you can safely control your iPod without having to fumble around for it. The LiquidAUX Deluxe will retail for $99 and it comes with a dock that also holds and charges your iPod or iPhone, and it can be used as a stand for the player so that passengers can use it to easily watch videos. The LiquidAUX technology will also be available as a bluetooth car kit that supports A2DP phones for playing back music and making phone calls with its built-in mic. It will also retail for $99 and come with a convenient USB port so that it can charge your phone as well.

microbluetooth.jpgKensington also introduced the super tiny Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter. Is it the world’s smallest bluetooth adapter? Possibly. unobtrusive like most bluetooth adapters which significantly stick out of a USB port, the Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter is available for $39.99 and is worth it for the portability convenience, even if it is a bit more expensive than other larger bluetooth adapters.

Finally, Kensington also revealed their new Contour Balance notebook bags which include a brown and black notebook case, a very lightweight brown backpack, and a black notebook roller which will be available in black or brown. The cases are classically stylized on the outside but inside there are plenty of pockets for storing your laptop and other toys. What makes the cases especially unique is that they have an Air-Flo Contour Panel that dissipates heat and hugs your body for greater comfort and carrying ease. The $79.99 Contour Balance Notebook case also included a detachable shoulder strap, comfortable handles with a magnetic clasp, a deep quilted impact resistant compartment, a side pocket for stowing a water bottle and the bag is made with water-resistant material.