Cool off or Heat Up with The C2 by Herman Miller

hermanmiller.jpgThe life of a cube dweller or typical employee in urban America; some spend 8 to 10 hrs a day or sometimes more of their life in a cube. There is no privacy, you have to deal with the emotional and mental problems of your co-cube habitator, let alone deal with constant eye strain from lousy monitors and florescent lights. But for all, one of the most common complaints is the temperature controlled by the hidden thermostat probably in your bosses office, that either causes you to be to hot or too cold. Windows don’t open in most newer commercial buildings so the air circulation is similar to that of an airplane. Well the C2 by Herman Miller is looking to change all that. Instead of a dangerous portable heater, you have your very own safe air conditioner or heater for your personal cube space. You can control the temperature from going from 65 to 101 degrees. It’s energy efficient and circulates filtered air through a Hepa filter. The design of the C2 is made so that whether hot or cold you are not sharing the wealth with others. Retailing for $300, albeit somewhat pricey, I’m sure will be a the perfect gift for any hard worker or woman going through the “change.”li_bec_p_20070423_061_w.jpg