Sony Ericsson Announces Mini-Boombox Radio Phones

r306_woman_holding_phone.jpgSony Ericsson is bringing sexy back with two new phones set to be released Q2 and Q3 of 2008, the Sony Ericsson R3oo Radio and R306 Radio. The R300 will be available in two colors – Antique Copper and Steel Black. The more attractive of the two, the R306 (pictured above) , will be available in Coffee Black and Champagne White. Both phones will allow you to tune into your favorite music channels either on FM or AM and they will have dedicated radio speakers and preset channel buttons. Both phones are totally designed to not only be usable phones but slick radios with awesome speakers that you or a friend can just chill out and listen to. These phones were made to be listened to out loud and they will boast enhanced 3D quality sound and volume boost. The R306 will even output in stereo sound. You will also be able to record a part of a song and use it later as a ringtone. The R300 Radio also has a built-in VGA camera, while the R306 Radio has an impressive 1.3 megapixel camera. While both phones certainly dedicated to bring you the most out of your music listening experience, I hope that the battery last long enough for you to actually make a call.r300_listening_to_radio_with_cord-1.jpg

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