Kluster Social Network Makes Product Development a Possibility for Everyone’s Great Ideas

kluster.jpgSo many of us have great ideas, whether it be an iPod accessory or really neat idea for a gadget. But most of the time, our ideas never make it to fruition because it’s difficult for the average person to get together the capital and resources required to bring that idea to life. Kluster, a new social-network is set to change all of that by enabling communities of people to collaborate on projects. “There are too many people who walk the earth with groundbreaking ideas that will never see the light of day,” says Ben Kaufman, Kluster’s 21 year old founder who just happened to start Mophie, a successful iPod accessory company that started up in 2005 when he was just 18 years old. “We strongly believe that the world should be working together to figure out what’s next, rather than just buying what’s new.”

Kluster is broken down in to four key concepts:

  1. phases -phases break down projects into small manageable deliverables.
  2. sparks – sparks are ideas or proposed solutions to a phase. sparks can be text, photos, graphics, audio/video, CAD, animation, etc. Users may express themselves however they are most comfortable.
  3. amps – amps allow participants to collaborate by proposing enhancement and refinements to a spark.

    and finally, the most exciting part – $$$…

  4. watts – Community members show support by investing watts (moolah) into sparks that they believe in. Watts are Kluster’s internal currency. Members can earn and grow their watts based on sound judgments and positive participation. Watts encourage users to participate and stay on target, keeping the community productive. Participants who invest in phases that carry a “reward” have the opportunity to turn their watts into cash.

Overall, we are psyched at the prospect of Kluster making it easier for us average folks to develop their own projects. Now it’s just a matter of time before Kluster takes off.


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