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NTFS for Mac OS X is a Must Have for Boot Camp Users


ntfsformac.jpgBoot Camp is a very powerful tool but it has its limits. For instance, if you’re using the Windows side of the computer, you can’t read, write and access the Mac side. That is where the software Mac Drive comes in, it allows you to read/write and access your Mac drive from your windows drive, and it does a good job of it. However, the picture isn’t complete with MacDrive alone because if you’re on the Mac side, you still can only read the Windows side but not delete or modify files. Paragon’s new NTFS for Mac OS X completes Boot Camp by allowing the Mac side (Leopard is supported as well) to read, write and format all of your NTFS windows drives. I tried it out and installed in a cinch. The most time consuming part was the requirement to restart the computer. After that, all of my NTFS hard drives are now both readable and writeable. I can’t begin to describe how helpful this is. So often I have files that I need to access and modify but they are on the Windows side. As a result I am constantly having restart my computer to switch from Leopard to Windows. But no longer do I have to, between Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X and MacDrive, Boot Camp is truly complete for me. NTFS for Mac OS X retails for $29.95.