OCD Now Available in the Color Pink

handler.jpgGrowing up I lived in a home with a mother who was OCD. So not only did I have to wash my hands 30 times a day before and after I did anything, regardless if it was dirty or not, I also wasn’t allowed to touch things in public with my bare hands. By the insistence of my mother I was only allowed to open and close public doors with paper towels or tissues…even throwing things away in one of those swing garbage pails was a chore. What I would have given to have the The Handler. An interesting looking gizmo that swings open like a switch blade but looks like a hook to grab on to door handles, levers, and push ATM buttons. You basically don’t have to touch anything that has a door involved except if the door handle is round then you may have to succumb to some germs – The Handler won’t grip that. There are Nano particles, no not Nano from Apple…but actual “Nano Silver particles that act as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme that one celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen intake without causing corresponding harm to human enzymes or other parts of the human body chemistry.” Pretty cool huh? And if you are worried about being fashion conscience, no need too -The Handler comes in a variety of colors, pink & grey, black & red, or blue & black. That is certainly enough colors to match any wardrobe. The handler retails for $10.95 and I’m sure will save you from at least one cold this winter season.

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