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Portable Slide Panel Digital Media Player Plays NES Games


1gb-mp4game-blk-unit.jpgThe Portable Slide Panel Digital Media Player brings together all of the features you could want, albeit in a cheap fashion. Sporting a design that looks like a game handheld, the device functions as a video player with a 2.8inch LCD display capable of playing back MP4 and 3GP files. The handheld also works as a MP3/WMA player, an FM tuner, it has an ebook function, a built-in speaker, and JPEG viewing abilities. It also has the ability to play games, hence it’s gameish design. Its specs claim to support the following game formats: NES, GB (GameBoy) and GBC (GameBoy Color). Does that mean that this device is running an emulator? That’d be pretty cool. On top of all of those features, the Portable Slide Panel (great name, eh) also has a built in mic and a digital video camera. We said that it did everything, didn’t we? It also comes with audio and video out cables so that you can connect it to a TV. Unfortunately with all of these features you only get 1GB of internal memory, but there an SD slot for expansion. And for $59.99, you can’t expect the world.  But at least they throw in a pouch.