Wine Rack Bra Hides Booze


We have seen all ranges of gadgets, some are absolutely ingenious and others are just plain moronic….and ladies and gentleman here is one of them. The Wine Rack, no not that kind of wine rack…yes it may look like an ordinary sports bra but in fact it is a bra composed of polyurethane bags that can be filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage or soda, and even comes with a straw! You can’t make this stuff up. Not only is this a killer way to sneak booze into a fraternity party, but it will also enhance your bra size, of course after a few sips you will deflate. It retails for $29.95 at Firebox and is available in two sizes Small and Medium which is already SOLD OUT. What does that say about consumers in general? If any guy out there thinks that this is their type of gift / sexy lingerie for Valentines Day, you may end up with the straw up your nose…unless your GF is Paris Hilton.

Update 5/12/2012:  The Wine Rack Bra can now be purchased on Amazon for $29.99.