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How to Really Fix Your Overheating Macbook Air


macbookairoverheating.gifI was taken with the Macbook Air from the moment Steve brought it out on stage. But after I finally brought it home from the Apple Store my love affair ended really quickly. I was experiencing system hiccups, freezing and overheating. I couldn’t watch a YouTube video or work on a Word document without the system hanging up. Might as well have spent less money on a EEE PC with better performance. But I decided to hold out and figured that a firmware update would remedy the problem. Indeed two firmware updates did come a long and did reduce the performance lags a little bit but my Air was still misbehaving. Then I discovered this thread on the Apple Discussion boards. A Macbook Air owner purchased a $10 app called Coolbook which does some magic by throttling the processor and temperature and he claimed that as a result his Air was now working great, the way it should have been out of the box. Desperate and frustrated, I went ahead and purchased Coolbook. Much to my relief, Coolbook works beautifully and my Macbook Air is now working great. I’m no longer experiencing those super aggravating freezes and chokes, and my Air is running cooler. Of course it’s ridiculous that i have to purchase a 3rd party app in order to get my $1800 laptop to work properly – Apple should have released the proper firmware update to fix these issues. Regardless I want to pass this discussion thread on, and I recommend that all Macbook Air owners purchase Coolbook for their own sanity.