Hello Kitty RoboMop is the Bastard Child of Swiffer and iRobot

Poor Hello Kitty, just about everything has her image or name on it. I’m sure we will soon find a Hello Kitty toilet plunger one day. But till that exciting moment happens we have the Hello Kitty RoboMop. Not exactly iRobot’s Roomba or the Swiffer. No this is some weird mutation of them both. Instead of the standard pink we usually get with Hello Kitty products, there is this blazing red colored automatic mop of sorts with a Robotic Ball in the middle that sort of resembles those NY Lotto machines on ABC with Yolanda Vega. There are also 20 dusting sheets included to “dust” your floors and after charging the robotic ball you can get out of it 90, 60, or 30 minutes worth of dusting. This Robomop looks like it’s made of cheap plastic and would probably break after a few beatings around the house. But for a change it’s not just available in Europe or Asia, you can have this thing in your house as well for $99. Good luck reading the manual though, it’s in Japanese.

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