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Isisdei Laptop Sleeves and Accessories Review


Isisdei recently spoiled us by sending some of their newest laptop sleeves for us to review. Their sleeves are trendy and fashionable and will certainly make anyone look at the sleeve your laptop is in, rather than be curious about what’s in the sleeve. Just recently released is the “Gold Fish“, Paisley Sleeve, and “The Slim“, which have personalities all their own as well as the durability to protect your precious from any harm.

Resembling the fins of gold koi fish, the “Goldfish” sleeve is fun yet can handle a good hit with its memory foam material. It is also adorned with gold metal zippers and interior black velour. It makes a MacBook feel very comfy inside. I used my MacBook Air to test it and it was just as nice a fit. The Goldfish retails for $32 and comes in 13″, 15″ or 17″ size cases.

The “Slim” is the perfect compliment for your MacBook Air. It is an all black sleeve that is also made of a neoprene material and memory foam like those Tempur-Pedic beds. It is a snug sleeve that contours to the shape of your MacBook Air and the memory foam will especially protect it from bumps and sharp objects. What I especially appreciated about the “Slim” is that even though it doesn’t sport a fancy design, it is very slim and slips in to my bag without taking up much room – in other words, it doesn’t add much thickness to the already very slim MacBook Air. And if you have a MacBook Air, one of the reasons you probably bought it is because you value its slim size and don’t want to take up much space in your bag with a bulky case. And retailing for just $22, it won’t break the bank and will keep your pricey laptop safe.

The Paisley cover is a beautifully feminine neoprene case that is light weight and resembles a quilted blanket from the 40s. In person it is a vibrant and soft material that I’m almost jealous it is only made for my laptop and not for me to snuggle into. Also inside is a lip of extra material for extra support to keep your laptop safe. My Dell XPS M1330 fit perfectly in to it. The Paisley cover is available in 13″ – 17.1″ laptops sizes and retails for $30.

In addition to laptop sleeves, Isisdei also has a wide selection of keyboard Jimmies which protect your keyboards from dust and spills. We tried one for the MacBook Air and it was a perfect fit for the MacBook Air’s keyboard and didn’t make typing uncomfortable. The black coloring with white keys, made it blend in with the MacBook Air well enough that most passersby would not notice that you are using a keyboard cover.

In addition to these products, there are also Isis Skins, Bags, and Hand-Plant’s that will protect your touchpad. Overall, Isisdei offers great designs and products that that are durable and very good quality yet very reasonably priced. If you buy a sleeve, it comes packaged in a very nice thick plastic bag with handles which you could use for something else. I highly suggest that if you are in the market for a new sleeve to check them out.

The Good:
Great Designs, Great Quality, Affordable.

The Bad: