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Belkin’s Energy Collection Backpack Review


Belkin’s new Energy Collection Backpack has been designed in mind for those looking for a lightweight backpack for carrying their laptop that is still tough enough to withstand the riggers of day to day traveling.

The design of the Backpack is modern but minimalist, which can be said about much of Belkin’s laptop accessories. There is no sacrifice of form over function. While you wouldn’t see this bag coming down the runway, it is styled with a modern and hip look that will appeal to many types – from the metrosexual man to the fashion savvy women looking for a truly comfortable backpack to carry her laptop in.

The bag is specifically designed with Dell laptops in mind but it will easily fit most popular laptops. We tested it with a Dell XPS M1330 though the backpack is especially designed with 14″ to 15″ laptops. The backpack is covered in a durable, water resistant Rip-Stop material with a earphone access on the top right of the bag as well as an internal pocket for holding your Mp3 player.

Inside is a special plush compartment to keep your laptop safe from scratches on the go. From personal experience, I have to say that is a smart move. Just a few months ago my laptop got scratched up while traveling in a backpack. I forgot to bring a sleeve and when I pulled it out after arriving home from the airport – boy was I in for a surprise. In any case, the plush compartment works like a sleeve / buffer for extra protection that your laptop will thank you for. The bottom of the bag also has rubber feet, which is a nice touch as it helps to keep the fabric from getting dirty.

The backpack is very slim, yet still manages to pack in a plethora of pockets for accessories like a mouse, pens, cables, phone, iPod – you’ll manage to fit just about your whole gadget arsenal in to this thing but still manage to keep things thin. It also comes with a detachable accessory pouch for which is suitable for keeping power-bricks and miscellaneous cables tidy. Additionally, it also has an expandable front zippered pocket.

To its credit, the Backpack is really comfortable. Its straps are soft and padded to minimize stress on your back and spine. The combination of the padding on the straps and the padding on the back of the backpack really does help to easy the pressure off of your back. I packed my laptop and some gadgets in to my old backpack and then did the same to the Belkin Backpack. Carrying everything around in Energy backpack was much easier and felt like a lighter experience, even though my regular backpack is made up of pretty lightweight material as well. This is no doubt in due to the ergonomic thinking behind the Energy backpack’s design. The backpack also has a soft grip handle on top of the bag for easy grabbing and going.

Belkin’s Energy collection backpack is available in 4 color combination – Pitch Black/Soft Gray, Chocolate/Gecko Green, Soft Gray/Flamingo Pink, and Midnight Blue/Electric Blue, with both the 14-15″ and 17″ versions retailing for $59.99. The price is pretty affordable and you really are getting a good value – the backpack is a quality case that looks like it will last through many travels. However, if you’re not the backpack type, there is also a messenger style bag in the Energy Collection. Overall, we’re really happy with the Backpack in Belkin’s new Energy Collection. We think it makes an excellent backpack for traveling and will certainly be the perfect carry-on bag for your next flight.

The Good:
Comfortable and ergonomic, modern design, plenty of pockets, made of quality materials that will withstand the riggers of traveling, reasonably priced.

The bad:
Much better designed than most similar backpacks but it won’t ever be able to be taken to dinner parties.