i-Dog Dance Unboxed and Doing the Twist

There is a new i-Dog in town and he is bigger and badder than his older canine siblings. The new i-Dog Dance sports some new moves including the ability to stand on his hind legs when dancing. Out of the box he comes trained to obey eight commands, including “stay”, “stand” and “dance!” Give him a little tap on his face and he’ll respond by standing up. Scrolling up or down on his face lets you control the volume. Some of the other controls include pressing the lower left LED light so that he’ll tap his foot or getting him to dance by sliding your finger clockwise.

The i-Dog also features stereo sound output. Like his predecessors, the i-Dog Dance will respond to music played nearby or you can connect him to an audio device using the included 3.5mm cable, which incidentally works with the first gen iphone – in case you were wondering. And also like his predecessors – he requires attention and care. If you don’t pet him enough and treat him to music, he’ll get sick and display a green / yellow light pattern that doesn’t play his usual cheerful musical riff. On the other hand the more you do give him attention the more he’ll dance.

Overall, the new i-Dog Dance’s design is less curvy and more geometrically styled than previous i-Dogs. He’s also significantly bigger, which means more room for more powerful stereo speakers on his face and his back side. We love his new dance move – standing on his back legs, and that if you tap his face he’ll stand for you on the spot. He’s also able to “twist” to the music, aside from tapping his paw to the beat. Overall, the i-Dog Dance is a great refresh to the i-Dog family and definitely continues in their adorable traditions. The i-Dog Dance is available in black or white and retails for $39.99

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