MEdiaCOre, the All in One PC Case that Looks like an End Table

Tired of your PC case looking like an eyesore and wish it looked like something hip like the Mac.  How about a piece of furniture instead? Then you may fancy the MEdiaCOre, the first PC case that resembles an end table. This beautiful “end table” comes in cherry wood or oak with a glass top and can easily become apart of your living room. Besides a computer, it can also accommodate other AV equipment or cable TV boxes.

It will even dock an iPod touch or iPhone. You can purchase just the shell and add as many components to it as you wish, which will cost you about $3200. If you’re lazy and just want it all done for you, then you can purchase the MEdiaCOre DLS+ which features a built in system already in place with an Intel Core 2 Quad with 8GB of Ram. Plus a smattering of other cool features and specs for $7100.00. If you can’t afford that model, the cheaper all in one is the MEdiaCOre DLS which costs $6,100. Now you can finally laugh in the face of any Mac and proudly say “I’m a PC!”

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