Phiaton MS 500 Docking Station and MS 400 Headphones Bring Sexy Back

The MS 500 from Phiaton’s Moderna Series is quite interesting looking and nothing like what we have seen before design wise. The Moderna Series Music Docking Station will allow you to dock your iPod or MP3 player into a unit that is sleek and sexy. Besides being a bit futuristic in design we are certainly digging the red and black colors. If you have one of the U2 iPod’s from so long ago you are certianly bound to be color coordinated. Music will be delivered via a Bass reflex structure which means you will be able to feel the music even better. There is also a remote control included. The MS 600 retails for $349.00.

If you want to take the sexy with you then you might consider the newly launched MS 400, a pair of headphones that are part of the Moderna Series and is red and black as well. These extremely fashionable headphones that will deliver amazing sound as well through their optimized airflow and on-ear design which promotes noise reduction. Other features include ” Studio Grade 40mm Electrodynamic Drivers, 98dB Sensitivity, 32 Ohm Impedance and a maximum input power of 1000 mW.” The flexible fold and go headphones will also make it easy for travel and could give Bose a run for it’s money. Only time will tell. The price for the MS 400 will be $249.00

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