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Sam Hecht’s Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock, Manuals Not Included


For those who just want a simple alarm clock, then you may like Sam Hecht’s newest innovative design for Idea International in Japan. Sam Hecht; famous for his LaCie Little Disk hard drive has now designed something even better, the Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock. The clock was created because of Hecht’s frustration of setting an alarm while traveling. It is a simple design that many would probably be like why didn’t we think of that?! While most companies jump on the iPod/clock docking systems. Hecht has actually decided to go back to basics and make an alarm clock simple again, without needing stereo instructions to operate it. On the left side of the clock you can set the time and on the right side you set the alarm. Both times are displayed at the same time so you never forget what you set your alarm for. But for the most part why it was named Jetlag, was that the clock is easily portable (based upon the size of half a passport) and has a special lock button to prevent

the time from moving as you are traveling. The Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock has already won awards and will be available in October sometime in three different colors black, red, and white. Pricing is currently not available.