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Snupped Designer Laptop Sleeve Review


A few weeks ago we wrote about a Snupped a company that specialized in making trendy and funky designed laptop sleeves. Recently we were lucky enough to get a hands on experience with one of them.

As we mentioned in the past Snupped has many sizes available to fit random screens. We got a chance to test a sleeve made for the Dell XPS laptop with a screen size of 13.3″. We were sent the Stylish Girls in black which we thought was very appropriate, it retails for $33.94. At first glance the Snupped sleeve is not an ordinary neoprene case with memory foam, Instead tt’s a well sewn sleeve with a bright and lovely pattern almost like a quilt. So we slipped the laptop into it and it was a very nice tight fit. It looked like my laptop was tucked in for the night for a good sleep. There is a bit of foam for protection but overall the material is very light and wouldn’t protect from much impact if dropped. However I did feel like it would be protected if I schlepped it around. If you were to knock it into pointy or sharp items you may tear the cotton sleeve but your baby would stay safe.

I really do like the Snupped sleeves, they offer a wide range of designs that are VERY different, that can fit your own personal style and character. The sleeves are light so they don’t add much extra weight while carrying your laptop, and they are even waterproof. I don’t suggest using it in place of an umbrella for the next hurricane but for a light drizzle you’ll be fine and the colors won’t run. The best part is when you put your laptop in it you’ll get this warm and fuzzy feeling that you just put your child down for a nap. Snupped recently released more women friendly designs, so I highly suggest you go and check it out.

The Good: Well made sleeve with bright colors and funky designs. The quilted texture provides protection to your laptop light scrapes and its waterproof.

The Bad: Will not be able to absorb much impact if dropped.