Cue Breast Self-Exam Reminder Gadget Could Save Your Life

I am guilty as I am sure many women are of not doing a self- breast exam more regularly. We just tend to forget about it, but if you don’t do it, it could cost you your life. Cue is the perfect gadget for women who need not just one reminder but several before they get a clue that this is for their own benefit. Cue from Avie is an electronic breast self-exam reminder, a doctor’s visit reminder, a shower timer, and a clock. The Cue is round in shape, I guess to look like a breast in someways, and it has a bright blue LED display with a suction cup so it adheres to your shower wall easily. The Cue will remind you to do a self exam seven days after your period begins when your breasts are the least tender. If you are an older woman and no longer get your little friend, then it will remind you the same day every month. The easy to follow questions with the push of the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button on the bottom of the device make the Cue easy to use for any age and could save your life! Cue, The Breast Self-Exam Reminder retails for $24.95 which is a small price to pay for prevention.

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