The Pad Structure in Dubai Becomes More Like the iPhone, Less like the iPod

Dubai as we all know is the epitome of the outrageous when it comes to real estate. Everything is basically man-made and constructed to be the most gaudy spectacle you have ever seen. So it doesn’t surprise me that they would be creating a building influenced by the design elements of the iPod. Back in 2006 ‘The Pad’ was making some noise around the web with just renderings and its Cybertecture construction, now according to the project’s website it will actually be completed next year around this time. Currently the “Enabling work on The Pad, one of the world’s most technologically advanced buildings, is now complete – just months after groundbreaking.” The building promises to enhance everyone’s life who lives there by ‘living in the future.’

Some of the amenities include iArt – no need to purchase silly old Renoir paintings anymore, download art from the iArt server and it will update your apartment with any digital pieces you may have purchased. Another feature is the ability to rotate your rooms. Would you like a better view of the Dubai skyline? You can rotate your living room/dining room to get a better glance at the other ridiculous real estate outside your window. iReality will literally transport you to another city or another country anywhere, anytime. Link the view of your apartment by virtual reality projection with let’s say the New York City skyline in real time, this will certainly save you money on flying.

Lastly with iFriends & Family there really is no reason to ever leave Dubai. Give your loved ones a device that will allow them to see into your apartment and do video conferencing without them spending hours and thousands to come and see you. I highly suggest you skip on over to site for more pics, info, floorplans, or if you got the cash maybe you want one. But the best part is, residents never have to actually have real visitors, look at all that money you just saved on entertaining!

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