CES 2009: JVC Micro Audio System Line

JVC announced the release of three new micro audio systems with intriguing features.  The UX-GN6 model features a motion sensor and laser touch operation panel, a touch-sensitive illuminated control strip. With Jedi like swagger you can wave your hand in front of the system, waking it up to feel the power of the force. The touch sensitive illuminated control strips require merely the drag of a finger to operate. Other features include USB Host for playback of music files stored on a USB mass storage device, a front audio input for connecting other devices, CD playback and an AM/FM tuner, and total power output of 120 watts. The system includes a top-mounted iPod dock, as well as a video output allowing iPod-stored video to be played through a connected TV all for $199.95

Next in the line up is the UX-LP5, which features a door that opens gently when pressed to access a retractable dock for the ipod.  Features include two-way speakers, 70 watts total power output, video output for iPod, CD player, AM/FM tuner, and a front audio input for connecting other devices. Costs $149.95.

Last but not least is the UX-G200. For $99.95, this audio system is a desktop system that features a total power output of 16 watts, USB Host, CD player, AM/FM tuner, timer/clock and a front audio input.

All three will be available in March.