CES 2009: Feel The Bullets Piercing Your Head with the Psyko Gaming 5.1 Directional Audio Headphones

Supersonic bullets ricochet violently off the wall next to you leaving ionized trails in their wake. In a panic you strafe away, but there is no safety anywhere in sight. Based on the sound of the bullets you pinpoint his location in seconds he is down. No you haven’t suddenly developed super sensitive hearing, you have scored a pair of the brand new Psyko 5.1 Directional Audio Headphones. These headphones present a quantum leap on headphone technology, a field that has seen little in the way of innovation for decades. Most puny headphones deliver sound to you ears in a stereo format, left sounds to the left ear and right sounds to the right ear. The Psyko Headphones break the paradigm by creating the The Perfect Room scenario giving you the very best audio experience possible.

The patented PsykoWave technology allows for 5 accurately positioned audio drivers and two subwoofers in the headphone bridge to be strung together with the correct timing and volume variations to create a natural 3d sound field. Instead of worrying about finding the echoes, dead zones, and defusing surfaces, the Psyko Gaming Headphones puts you directly in the audio sweet spot creating natural surround sound- instantly. All this design is with the intention of boosting your kill rate. With this new technology, your ears become another weapon with instant positional awareness and true 3d sound. Not only will your foes tremble, your game play experience will be more immersive than ever.

At a MSRP of $299, it will be on every gamers wish list. Check it out at www.psykoaudio.com.

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