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Two Weeks Later with the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition


We’re back from CES and at this point we’ve spent almost 2 weeks with the Vivienne Tam edition we recently reviewed. First of all, it was a pleasure carrying around the VT on the show floor. Because it’s so small and lightweight, we didn’t feel like we were schlepping a laptop at all. It also served as an excellent blogging machine. The built-in SD card reader also proved very convenient since it allowed us to pull off images from our digital camera easily.

It’s also been interesting taking in different reactions by men versus women about the VT. Women tend to think it’s gorgeous and it seems that the general consensus for females is that they aren’t deterred by its $699 price tag because it’s not just a laptop – it’s also fashion statement. On the other hand, men seem to chuckle at the VT because it is almost double the price of its HP Mini 1000. In this case, there is a difference between boys and girls. Girls are generally willing to pay more for fashion, while many men would not. We don’t mean to make too much of a generalization here, since there are plenty of men out there who do spend a lot of $ on fashion – but we think you’ll get where we’re coming from.

Battery Life:
With the display at its brightest setting and Wi-Fi on, the laptop lasted for 2 hours. If you lower the brightness on the display and turn off the Wi-Fi, you can probably stretch the battery life significantly. But I think that most people will prefer to use the laptop at its brightness setting. Overall, the battery life seems on par with other netbooks. We’re hoping that HP comes out with a six-cell battery soon that will extend its battery life further.

More Benchmarks:
I’ve been trying to run some more benchmarks on the VT, but unfortunately it seems like popular Benchmark software like MobileMark 2007 wont run on the VT. Overall, performance has been consistent. We’ve been surfing the web, using Microsoft Office, and watching videos without hiccups.

Additional Accessories:
HP is now offering a matching Vivienne Tam Peony Scarf and Tote when you order the VT edition from them. The scarf is made of silk chiffon material, while the tote contains a padded pocket to protect your favorite netbook. This package will cost you an extra $200 on top of your notebook configuration. The matching VT edition wireless optical mouse should be available soon as well.

Notably, at HP’s CES booth we even spotted a glass showcase with the now pretty famous Vivienne Tam HP, Vivienne Tam’s signature peony-patterned poised as a dress, bag and there were even matching shoes. Not that you’d want to wear all of that with the laptop – that would be true overkill.