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PC Gaming is Dying, But Don’t Blame it on Consoles


I love my Xbox 360 and PS3 but I’ve been a pretty avid PC gamer since the late 80s. I never thought that a console would replace my desire to play PC games – and it never has. However, I think PC gaming  really is finally on the way to its coffin. Why do I think that? Not because of the console wars but because I cant find a physical brick and mortar store that sells PC games anymore!

My local Game Stop used to stock a section with PC Games, over the years the section has gotten smaller and smaller, and now it has disappeared altogether. I was shocked and horrified when I first discovered this. But I consoled myself that I could always head over to J & R, an electronics retailer in lower NYC that has always had a big PC gaming section. So low and behold I was shocked once again to discover that their PC gaming section had shrunk to a minuscule size.

So at this point in time, if I want to play PC games, my only choice is to shop online. And heck, I do shop online a lot, but the experience of actually going to the store and looking at the physical packaging is still a more satisfying experience than reading a product description on a web page. Shopping at the store has always lead me to impulse buys and also often introduced me to games I didn’t know about. Sure, you can discover new games online, but it’s just not the same. With console games you have the option of buying them in the store or online, and that undoubtedly helps with their strong sales. So my question is, why are all the PC games being ripped from the shelves? If anything, you are actually encouraging piracy because people get frustrated that they cant easily go out and buy a game at their local game shop.

Which brings me to my next point. If you’re shopping for a new computer than you’ll notice how all the mid-range to high-end systems make a big emphasis on promoting their gaming prowess. There is a whole industry surrounding expensive gaming rigs that each try to out do each other with their video game performance. But really, what is the point anymore when it’s so difficult to buy an actual PC game altogether. I just don’t understand the PC Gaming industry anymore. As far as I’m concerned PC gaming is on its last leg, which kinda breaks my heart. Even popular MMO’s are hard to find on the shelves let alone an adventure game. If you are looking to reminisce about the golden age of PC gaming check out these sites that are sure to make you feel nostalgic:

Vintage Sierra will take you back to all the classic Sierra games and even the hint books without the decoder.

Forgot what the box art looked like for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Check it out here.

GOG – The bargain bin of classic PC games which are so easy to download you don’t have to get off your chair.

For those who won’t give up on adventure PC games even if you have to buy them online, Adventure Gamer should be your first stop for reviews.