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Spark Nano GPS Tracker is Small Enough to Fit in Your Shoe


The Spark Nano GPS Tracker from Brickhouse Security looks more like a toy than a powerful GPS Tracker. Claiming to be one of the smallest and lightweight GPS Trackers out today, it can easily slip into a  pocketbook, jacket pocket, or any discreet place so you can track someone or something. The sensitivity of the device will allow for real time location updates on your computer or you can get alerts via text message or e-mail when your Spark Nano has left the building, so to speak. It works off both GPRS and GSM networks so it allows for a better area of coverage. Another nice feature is that it has a built-in panic button, perfect for children traveling on a school trip, so you can watch ever move they make till they come home. The only downside to what is a unique item is that you will have to pay a monthly fee to actually utilize all these great services. You’ll have to pay for a subscription and if you want to use the added features you’ll have to pay additionally for that too.  Spark Nano GPS Tracker retails for $299.95. It may just be cheaper in the end to hire a Private Eye…