Tron Comes to Life with Vuzix CamAR and PhasAR

If Vuzix alone didn’t make you think we are in the dawn of Bladerunner than certainly these new attachments to it will only make it more certain. The CamAR™, is a new clip-on USB camera that mounts to the Vuzix which allows you to see the real world but also track objects and your position in 3-dimensional space. (Tron anyone?) Use the CamAR with the The PhasAR™ and you have just turned your world on its ear. “Users will be able to interact with virtual, mixed and augmented reality worlds with a revolutionary 6 degree of freedom tracking system that lets the computer know exactly where the user is touching in the virtual and real worlds. Depending on the application, the PhasAR™ can become anything from a powerful virtual magic wand to a 3-D virtual paint brush.” Exciting – no? Well if this is your thing and only in your wildest geeky dreams did you expect this to happen while you were living – then your dreams have come true… No pricing is available yet but expect it soon…

Update: Pricing is actually going to be about $100 for both pieces and offered as an option to the VR920 when you purchase it.

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