Make Free International Calls with Jaxtr On-The-Go

In this economy, we’re happy to grab up any cool free service that we can get our hands on. So for those of you who often make international calls, you can’t beat Jaxtr’s new On-The-Go service. Jaxtr has already been offering free international calls for a while, however in the past you had to be tied to a computer to take advantage of their free international calling service. But now with Jaxtr’s new On-The-Go service, you can make free international calls just by calling a local number. The way the service works is that you have to call a Jaxtr local number that is in your area, and then you have to wait for your friend to connect to your call. Currently the service is available in over 50 countries – so that means you’ll even be able to skip out on international charges when you’re traveling if you use the On-The-Go service.

This is how it works:
1. First you get a local jaxtr number to reach your friend.
2. Dial that number on your phone and choose “FreeConnect” from the options.
3. Stay on the phone and wait for your friend to call in. Jaxtr texts your friend an SMS notifaction with a local number to call in and get connected to you while you wait.

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