Instant Video Presenter Lets You Easily Produce Newsroom-style Video Podcasts

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own video podcast with professional special effects, Instant Video Presenter is an easy way for average folks to go about it. The software lets you create newsroom-style videos without the hassle that would otherwise ordinarily be involved in such a production. The software is designed to take you through the process of recording your video and then it prepares it so that the video is immediately ready to be sent via email, uploaded to somewhere on the internet or burned to a CD. The software uses green screen technology to create “weatherman” style videos with cool backdrops. You can capture a presenter interacting with software applications, PowerPoint presentations, websites, or pictures.
The $259.95 Instant Video Presenter package even comes with an actual green screen for use. That isn’t exactly cheap, but when you look in to the cost of putting together something like this on your own, it can be overwhelming. The only other software we know of that is similar to Instant Video Presenter is Vlog It!. Vlog It! offers a similar feature set, and is much more affordable at just $29, however it hasn’t had a version update in quite a while and it doesn’t come packaged with a green screen either. We can’t help but wonder how Vlog It! and Instant Video Presenter would stack up against each other.

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