Kensington Netbook Collection Review

Netbooks are all we see and hear about these days. So it’s only appropriate for accessories to come out made specifically for them. Kensington has launched the Netbook Collection which features accessories for any netbook that are both practical in price and in size.

Wired Mouse for Netbooks
This is a cute little mouse that certainly does compliment the netbook, just because of its size. When Kensington says compact design, they mean it. However, it is a bit small even for my hand but there are many who might find it adorable.  It can slip into any bag or even a pants pocket very easily. And despite its size it is somewhat ergonomic. This optical mouse comes with a 2 foot USB cable and has a scroll wheel. For those who want to travel with a mouse that isn’t cumbersome, then this one will certainly do. If you don’t want to deal with a wired mouse, there is a wireless version available as well. This no frills wired mouse for netbooks retails for $14.99 and the wireless mouse for netbooks retails for $24.99.

9″ Reversible Netbook Sleeve
Just like its big brothers and sisters – the netbook too needed a neoprene sleeve. Kensington gets the job done with a simple lightweight black neoprene case. To hold it in your hand you wouldn’t think a 9″ Netbook would fit into it, but it does, and nice and snugly I might add. The case will protect your netbook from the elements and it gives your netbook a slim profile as if you are carrying around a slim portfolio. Some nice touches of the sleeve is that it has a storage pocket, which can easily carry your teeny little mouse. Also, the sleeve is reversible. Not in a black mood today? Just turn the sleeve inside out and it will be gray. This is perfect if you want to color coordinate your wardrobe and something monotone will due, instead of the various patterned sleeves out there. The Netbook Sleeve fits 7″ to 9″ netbooks and retails for $14.99.

Security Lock for Netbooks
Well just because it’s small in size and light enough to carry around with you, that also makes your netbook an easy target for thieves.  The Kensington Netbook collection also includes a lock for your netbook. This lock is also appropriately small in size, but it gets the job done.  It has a 4 wheel keyless combination lock, and a 6 foot coil steel cable with loop to attach to any desk or table to make sure your netbook stays put. Like most laptop locks, this one is similar in style but it has just been made a tad smaller to compensate for the size of a Netbook. The Security Lock for Netbooks retails for $24.99.

Well there you have it…Kensington has provided a one-stop shop for all your Netbook accessory needs. All the products are designed to not only support you while you are on the road but also be small in design as to not take up to much bulk in your bag.

The Good: Kensington offers a great one stop shop of sorts for all your Netbook needs.

The Bad: The Netbook mouse may be just too small for some folks especially since you can get a full size mouse for the same price.

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