LiveWire NavGenius is a Covert GPS Tracker Disguised as a Dashboard Navigation System


There are many GPS tracker systems available for automobiles, but the LiveWire NavGenius Covert GPS Tracker is the sneakiest one ever to be made. NavGenius has been incorporated in to a standard looking in-car nav system, and it does indeed work like any ordinary GPS Nav system works – such as a TomTom or a Garmin. But aside from giving the driver directions, the NavGenius also has a double identity monitoring a driver’s every move. The system even comes with 2 separate manuals – one for operating the navigation system and one for the Covert GPS tracking system. Furthermore, the NavGenius can even be remotely monitored from the internet using an online mapping system – so that you can see where they really went, not where they say they went! E-mail and SMS text messages can also be set-up to alert neurotic users of a driver speeding or of a driver going in to a “restricted” zone. Other cool features include the ability to push directions to the system remotely from a PC, so the driver can never say they don’t know where to go or are lost. The Lightning GPS “NavGenius” will be available in mid-April and will be available to purchase at BrickHouse Security.

Lightning GPS “NavGenius” Covert GPS Tracker Features:

* Covert GPS Tracking
* 2 Way Real-Time Messaging: communicate directly w/ device via Internet
* Push Routing – reroute vehicles from any computer w/ Internet
* Speed Alerts – receive SMS or e-mail alerts if vehicle exceeds a certain speed
* Safety Zone Alerts (Geofence) – receive SMS or e-mail alerts if you vehicle goes outside designated area
* Reckless Driving Reports